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What We Have To Offer

We have a lot of services that would be greatly beneficial to you. We help make sure your gardens look their best all the time, and with the services executed by our experts here at WoodCut's, you can always be assured of excellence which is what we always aim to achieve.

Garden Maintenance

It's so easy to forget that just like us our gardens are living, breathing and forever growing and therefore, they require ongoing care in order to maintain their beauty and to not grow wildly out of control. We are here to relieve you of all the hard work with the constant maintenance and through your vision we can improve that standard giving you a relaxing and peaceful feeling that our gardens give us.

Tree Services

Wether you require a tree to be fully removed, a tree that needs some maintenance. we can make sure they are treated in a correct professional manner to maintain its health and look their best times at all times! The experts at WoodCut’s gardening & tree services are the best option for you. We have the skills, experience and competence to do a fantastic job for you every single time!


  1. Grass Cutting

  2. Hedge Trimming

  3. Hedge Removal

  4. Hedge Reduction

  5. Tree Felling

  6. Tree Pruning

  7. Pollarding

  8. Crown Lifting

  9. Log splitting

  10. Branch & Limb Removal

  11. Dead-Wooding

  12. Crown Thinning

  13. Stump Removal

  14. Power washing

  15. Regular Garden maintenance

  16. Garden Clearance

  17. Garden Tidy Ups

  18. Plant Removal

  19. Waste Removal

  20. Weeding

  21. Lawn/Path Edging

  22. Spraying

+ many more!

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+44 7624 220042

wood cut's gardening & tree services



Who will work on my Garden?

The only people who will work on your gardens are WoodCut's employees. Our team members have experience and strong backgrounds in horticulture. We have got the best and only the best.

Are you insured and licensed?

We have all necessary licenses for our area, allowing us to work freely and with the trust of our clients as well. We also carry insurance for all of our projects.

What kind of gardening do you do?

We do all kinds of gardening and we will always choose what is best for your own garden. Contact us for more enquiries.

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